I would like to write this down as I want to make sure I don't forget this tough times.

Pandemik Covid-19 semakin ganas. Akhirnya Abah dan Mak aku menjadi a part of national statistics of Covid-19 cases.
My father was diagnosed on Friday 15th Jan 2021 and my mother on 18th Jan 2021. My father is admitted in HUKM and my mother just arrived in Maeps Serdang.

U never know how real Covid-19 is until it hits your loved ones.

To other be safe. 
As for me and my family we are now on day 6 of self quarantine at home.

Doa kepada ibu bapa sahaja pada masa ini merupakan bekal untuk melawan sakit ini kerana pada masa ini masih tiada ubat dan vaksin masih jauh lagi.

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