EPL season round up

Eventhough I'm an MU fan, I do believe they play badly this season. All the talk of going unbeaten until end of season is just too much bullsh*t. I was in awe and overjoyed when they got their 19th title. They have shut Liverpool mouth and have knocked them of their f*cking perch. But in reflection, MU plays badly and still win the title. What does this say about the league? Does that means the league itself is degrading? I do believe there is too much foreign players in the league? And the FA does things right by introducing home grown players policy. But they need to watch out as there is also growing numbers of 'foreign' home grown players in the league. Others this the FA need to do is to impose limit on how much money a team should spend per season. After Abramovich take over of Chelsea few years back, player fees and wages have gone overboard. It's getting worser after Sheikh Mansour comes to Manchester City.
The league need to come back to basic. Getting a lot of viewer doesn't meant the are the best league in the world and less coverage on the league doesn't make the league any lesser either.
I'm looking forward on what will happens next year expecially with MU as Van Der Sar and Scholes have retired.

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